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Co2 in our atmosphere is less than .04%. Oxygen is 21%. All free oxygen comes only from photosynthetic processing of Co2. Correct so far? This suggests a scenario wherein the flora world, including plankton, are starving for Co2, and immediately grab whatever Co2 it can find, and turns it into O2 and H20. And, despite all of our burning of fossil fuel, the amount of O2 in the atmosphere does not seem to diminish. How does your computer models account for this?
No model is needed to see why oxygen has not changed despite changes in CO2. Looking at the math will help to show the answer. By weight, CO2 comprises about 0.05% of the atmosphere (it keeps going up because we keep adding more CO2 with fossil fuel...


RT @WoodsyOwl: Learn about the soil beneath your feet with @USDA_NRCS's free Soil Survey app. http://t.co/JOm6GUB8F5 #IYS2015
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RT @forestservice: Trees give animals places to hide and be safe from people, predators, and bad weather.
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Ghoul or COOL?? Hellbenders are best viewed in video, not disrupted in rivers: http://blogs.usda.gov/2015/02/26/an-amphibian-only-a-mother-or-biologist-could-love-needs-your-attention/#more-56804
about 6 days ago
Great article summarizing the importance of our bees and the threats they are facing. Don't forget to visit http://pollinatorlive.pwnet.org for exciting resources to teach others about these important animals! http://www.revealnews.org/article/everything...
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