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Which state has been the most affected by climate change?
Probably Alaska, but you can check out http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/impacts-adaptation/alaska.html to see what is happening where you live too. Steve Mc. US U.S. Forest Service Leslie here. In the continental US, the northern great lakes...


Climate change ed resources waiting for u online! K-12 lesson plans and more http://t.co/VbQ44PcgYX #teachers #climatechange #edu #STEM
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RT @forestservice: Get Involved with @FSNatureLIVE and Climate Change! http://t.co/VwVsljems7
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RT @USFWSPacific: Corals are necessary for the health of aquatic ecosystems. See this video and see how they grow and develop. http://t.co…
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Salamanders as heroes of climate change? Another reason to love them: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/08/science/salamanders-hefty-role-in-the-forest.html?_r=0
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Ever seen these? For our friends at project learning tree!
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How Your Class Can Help

Knowledge to Live By
Green Schools Alliance SC3 Event
Will Steger Foundation
Young Voices for the Planet/Dreaming in Green
GreenSchools! Program
Alliance for Climate Education
Students Research Impact of Idling Cars
Project BudBurst
Energy Saving Contest
Young Voices for the Plant/Green Ambassadors

Kids on Climate Change

Get Green with STEM Vision
Andrew with Green Schools Alliance
Jaclyn with Green Schools Alliance
Alex from Hylton High
Nina from Hylton High School
Myesha from Hylton High School
Green Hero
Roundtable Discussion at the Student Climate and Conservation Congress
Aimee with Green Schools Alliance
Kathryn with Green Schools Alliance
Jordan from Hylton High School
Shah from Hylton High School
Amanda from Hylton High School
Eric with Green School Alliance
Maana (Now)
Alliance for Climate Education: Greeley Greencats
Esme with Green School Alliance
Stefanie from Hylton High School
Joe with Green Schools Alliance
James from Hylton High School
Kat from Hylton High School
Amaya from Hylton High School
Climate Change: Youth Perspectives


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Welcome to the ClimateChangeLIVE distance learning adventure! The U.S. Forest Service and 26 federal and NGO partners bring climate learning to you through a series of webcasts, webinars, and online climate education resources!  The ClimateChangeLIVE electronic field trips are a way to learn about climate change science directly from climate experts and educators and to have the chance to interact with them during the ClimateChangeLIVE webcasts and on social media! This distance learning adventure provides an amazing collection of science-based, climate education resources and programs, aligned to national science education standards.

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