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National Standards

Climate change can be taught as a means of achieving National Science Education Standards or state science standards.  The following links may be of help in developing correlations between resources found on the Climate Change LIVE web site and science standards.

Communicating and Learning About Global Climate Change: An Abbreviated Guide for Teaching Climate Change, from Project 2061 at AAAS
A long-term initiative of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Project 2061’s mission is to help all Americans become literate in science, mathematics, and technology. To that end, Project 2061 conducts research and develops tools and services that educators, researchers, and policymakers can use to make critical and lasting improvements in the nation’s education system.

National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools USA
Please see the PDF documents below for connections, by grade level, between the Eco-Schools USA pathways and the content areas of the standards.
K-4 Eco-Schools USA Standards Alignment
5-8 Eco-Schools USA Standards Alignment
9-12 Eco-Schools USA Standards Alignment

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