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What Is an Electronic Field Trip?

Distance learning adventures and live electronic field trips (EFTs) bring the excitement of learning right to your classroom. You don’t need to load up the buses, worry about the weather, or collect money. The experts, topic and location are brought to you electronically via the Internet. 

ClimateChangeLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure brings the information and resources right to your classroom.  Two electronic field trips are FREE and bring climate change science to your classroom:

CLICK HERE to watch Educate, Inspire and Engage (39 minutes). This program features:

  • Award-winning climate change education presentation by the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)
  • Student moderators
  • Videos of youth describing climate change impacts they have experienced where they live
  • Inspiring ACE Green Movement Solutions videos 

CLICK HERE to watch Join the Climate Conversation (55 minutes).  This program features:

  • Interactive conversation about climate change
  • Student hosts and audience joined by climate scientists and experts
  • Simultaneous video chat, Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Videos of students and classes making a real difference through action projects that address climate change

Also check out the resources on the web site:

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